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Meeting Minutes


DRAFT COPAC AGM Minutes-May6,2024.pdf

DRAFT COPAC GM Minutes-April8th,2024.pdf
COPAC GM Minutes-March4th,2024.pdf
COPAC GM Minutes Feb 5, 2024.pdf
COPAC GM Minutes-Jan8th,2024.pdf
COPAC GM Minutes-Dec 4,2023.pdf
COPAC GM Minutes-Nov,6,2023.pdf

COPAC GM Minutes-Oct16,2023-2.pdf
COPAC GM Minutes-Sept11,2023.pdf
COPAC BUDGET 2023-2024 - Proposed Amendments.pdf

COPAC GeneralMinutes-June 5th.pdf 
COPAC Annual General Meeting Minutes-May 1,2023.pdf  AGM Year End Report 22-23.pdf 

COPAC General Meeting Minutes-April 3rd.pdf
General Meeting Minutes-Mar6th,23.pdf
Minutes Feb 6 2023.pdf
Minutes January 9th.pdf
Minutes December 5th.pdf 
Minutes November 7th.pdf      
Guest Speaker: presentation from Jordan Kleckner, SD23Director of Instruction, regarding the upcoming new student reporting requirements. Jordan has presented this to all SD23 Principals and Vice Principals.  He encourages PAC Exec's who might like more information to reach out to their school Principal for a more in-depth presentation. Nov 7, 2022 COPAC Ministry Student Reporting Order).pdf
COPAC General Meeting Minutes-Oct 3, 22.pdf 
COPAC GM Minutes-Sept11,2023.pdf



Minutes General Meeting September 13.pdf
General Meeting Minutes October 4th.pdf
General Meeting Minutes November 1st.pdf
Minutes General Meeting Minutes January 10.pdf
General Meeting Minutes February 7th.pdf
General Meeting Minutes March 7th.pdf
General Meeting Minutes April 4th.pdf
Annual General Meeting Minutes May 2nd (1).pdf
General Meeting Minutes June 6,22.pdf

COPAC Budget 2021 - 2022 (proposed) rev 1.pdf
COPAC Budget Summaries 2018 to 2021 rev 1.pdf
COPAC Treasurer's Report May 2022.pdf
COPAC Spending Summary 2022-04-29.pdf

​2020-2021 Archive

Meeting Minutes Sept 14.pdf
Meeting Minutes October 5.pdf
Meeting Minutes November 2.pdf
Meeting Minutes December 7 2020.pdf
Meeting Minutes January 4 2021.pdf
Meeting Minutes February 1 2021.pdf
Meeting Minutes March 1 2021.pdf
Meeting Minutes April 12 2021.pdf
Meeting Minutes May 3 2021.pdf
AGM Minutes June 7 2021.pdf