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Hot Lunch

​​We know MANY of our PAC's in School District 23 run Hot Lunch programs at their schools, not only for fundraising but also to provide parents a break from the brown-bag monotony! There are many options available in the Central Okanagan for Hot Lunch, we hope to publish just a few of the menus available to our hot lunch programs here. Please note that these menus and costs are only an example of what is offered, these are not necessarily up to date and both costs and menu availablility may have changed!

Bliss Bakery - 
Fresh Slice Pizza - 
Goji's Frozen Yogurt - Gojismenu.pdf
Family Gourmet Foods - Healthful School Lunches (2015).pdf
Cora - 
Domino's - 
Wok Box - β€‹
Jugo Juice - 

If you are looking for help setting up Hot Lunch at your school, veteran Hot Luncher Cheri Fennell-Saundry makes organizing hot lunches her business, with The Hot Lunch Mom. Contact Cheri at, or at 250-826-7430.

A number of schools who have the hot lunch program β€‹in their school use software from .

Please note these business are only provided for your information, please do not take this to be an endorsement of services.