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Hot Lunch

โ€‹โ€‹We know MANY of our PAC's in School District 23 run Hot Lunch programs at their schools, not only for fundraising but also to provide parents a break from the brown-bag monotony! There are many options available in the Central Okanagan for Hot Lunch.

For resources and support, please consider joining the Facebook group- โ€œPACs Helping PACs-BC, Thompson-Okanagan/Interiorโ€‹โ€ to collaborate with other PACs in our region, sharing vendor ideas, farm or garden programs, composting, or PAC succession planning. 

We also have a Slack Channel for SD23 PAC executive members to engage in discussion, collaborate, share ideas, concerns, resources etc. in between general COPAC meetings. If you want the link to login, email your school name and PAC exec position to